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Divorce in a Day Collaborative Divorce Alternatives to Litigation

Examine the options when you must end your marriage and start fresh

Welcome to We are dedicated to the premise that choosing to divorce can be a virtually pain-free and lower-stress process than you might think. Divorce does not automatically mean contentious and expensive court time, emotional anguish, or any of the other painful experiences we have come to expect and fear.

Out team of experts specialize in fast, low cost, friendly, calm and sane solutions to one of life's biggest challenges. We can show you the various options and alternatives to traditional litigation and find a solution that works best in your situation.

What Service is Best for Me?

Divorce in a Day Collaborative Traditional Divorce
One-Day Service yes no no
Low-cost Option yes no no
No Litigation yes yes no

You and your spouse have decided to end your marriage

You may qualify for an "uncontested" divorce outside of court if your are able to resolve all issues including property, money, and, if you have children, child support and parenting issues. The divorce service is fast and inexpensive.

Who is Eligibile

  • Agreement: Both parties agree to an uncontested divorce
  • Willingness: You want a licensed attorney to prepare all of the necessary documents
  • Preparedness: You will be able to provide all information requested about your divorce situation.


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Divorce in a Day service is available to those individuals who want to mediate their divorce and resolve their issues in an expedited manner.

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