What Exactly is Divorce in a Day?

Collaborative Divorce

An innovative option for some couples . . .

We offer Divorce in a Day to assist those individuals who have a complete agreement and would otherwise try to do the divorce themselves. This concept allows you to complete all of the documents needed for a divorce – and do it in one day. There are no endless meetings, time wasted waiting for documents, etc. It is in and out, all in one day, and with the assistance of an attorney.

Of course you are not really divorced in one day - the state legislature has dictated a mandatory “cooling off” period of six months. However, the agreement and all of the paperwork are completed in one day and you merely have to wait the six months for the marital status to actually terminate.

Why should you utilize the services of an attorney over a paralegal?

Primarily, for the simple reason that you can obtain legal advice and education from an attorney which you cannot get from a paralegal. Further, a family law attorney will know what issues to address which could otherwise be missed. Also, you have a guarantee that the work will be performed properly. Although there are a number of reputable paralegals out there who are hard working and honest, there have been a number of individuals who have “popped” onto the scene and are either not completing the work or are doing very poor jobs, leaving divorcing couples in vulnerable positions. 

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Divorce in a Day service is available to those individuals who want to mediate their divorce and resolve their issues in an expedited manner.

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