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Collaborative Divorce

What is the Divorce in a Day Process?

  • Call us at 909.606.0101 to see if you qualify for Divorce in a Day
  • If you qualify, request our all-inclusive 'start-up' packet
  • Complete the questionnaire, return it to our office and schedule an appointment for you and your spouse to meet with an attorney
  • On your appointment day, you and your spouse will be presented with all completed documents for your signature
  • You will meet with a paralegal, an attorney and a notary public. Plan at least three hours for this process
  • Leave with your completed Divorce In A Day Packet
  • Our office will process all documents with the Court so that all appearances at Court can be avoided

Who is Eligible?

  • Agreement: Both parties agree to an uncontested divorce and have a full agreement regarding the division of property, the children and support
  • Willingness: You want a qualified, licensed attorney who will prepare all of the necessary documents
  • Preparedness: You will be able to provide basic information about your financial situation, assets and debts

Collaboration Option

Collaborative Divorce is a process in which the spouses work together with a team of professionals, all who have been trained in the Collaborative Divorce process. The focus in Collaborative Divorce is on understanding the facts, exploring the spouses' concerns, resolving impasses, and reaching resolutions - all without going to court.

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Divorce in a Day service is available to those individuals who want to mediate their divorce and resolve their issues in an expedited manner.

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